Shenanigans: The Musical


“They call themselves an artiste, but their ego is larger than their talent. They are ruining this orchestra, they have to go” – The Manager

“She cares only for profit! She dares to drive me away? Who cares for how instruments are ‘supposed’ to be played, I am the heart and soul of this orchestra.” – The Artiste

Shenanigans is a game about an orchestra in crisis. Shows are failing and the everyone thinks that they know who to blame – the manager must decide who to kick out of the orchestra while the other players scramble to hide their identities while trying to influence her decision.



  • A light social deduction game.
  • 4-10 players, 10-20 minute play time.
  • Free expansions: We can afford to offer several mini expansions for free, so we’re squeezing loads of extra content into the game.
  • No moderator needed: No night phase either. Everyone plays and they play the whole game.
  • A critical moment: Each game the vital decision falls to a single player – who can end the discussion by making their call at any time.
  • 50 unique instrumentalists with their own powers, personalities and victory conditions.


The game launches in April. If you’d like to hear more enter details below:

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