This blog catalogs the trials and tribulations involved in bringing the people’s projects to life. These projects are various attempts by The People’s Orchestra to branch out and find new and exciting ways to bring our mix of music, chaos and entertainment to life.

The current project is to develop a card game about the orchestra. Our ambition is to create a game that captures the feel of the orchestra, amuses those who know its intricacies while remaining approachable to those who don’t and above all stands on its own as a game that is amusing in its own right.

The current steward of the blog is Dr. Gregory Carslaw, a psychologist who’s steadily building catalog of game designs includes the malfunctioning robot game 404: Law Not Found and the self incineratory Wizard’s Academy. As both are themed around things that don’t quite work as planned, but triumph over adversity anyway he’s a natural fit for the orchestra.

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