Shenanigans: The Musical

Today we’re taking a brief diversion, away from discussing game design and exploring the creator’s journey. Shenanigans is launching in just five days so I want to write something that’ll introduce it to anyone who’s started reading these posts more recently. If you’ve enjoyed my previous posts, please share this one so that I can keep doing what I’m doing. Don’t worry, regular posts will resume shortly. If you’re new, then I wish you a warm welcome. I have something I’d like to share with you, I call it:


“They call themselves an artiste, but their ego is larger than their talent. They are ruining this orchestra, they have to go” – The Manager

“She cares only for profit! She dares to drive me away? Who cares for how instruments are ‘supposed’ to be played, I am the heart and soul of this orchestra.” – The Artiste


Shenanigans is a card game about an orchestra in crisis and the characters who inhabit it. The Manager hunts the Artiste with relentless determination. Meanwhile the Troublemaking Trombonist is trying to trip them up, the Part Time Drummer seeks recruits for his band, The Romantic Violinist is looking for love and the Overlooked Viola Player just hopes that somebody will notice her.

Which one will you be? Or are you the Artiste?

Each player has a hidden role and can use its power to look at other players cards, force them to swap with each other or try some other ruse. After three turns each the Manager reveals themselves, listens to what everyone has to say and kicks someone out of the orchestra! The whole game is focused on this choice, the manager wins by catching the artiste, the artiste wins by escaping and everyone else wins or loses depending on this choice and its consequences.

Cards v3 landscape12




The base game offers 24 unique roles and is available for a pledge of only £10 (including shipping). What’s more, we’re also throwing in three (3) free (£0) expansions! Each of these adds something significant to the game:

Artiste’s Conspiracy adds alternate Artiste’s to the game, to make it even harder to figure out what he’s up to.

Performance adds characters that require the players to perform, giving you the option to play an all-singing all-dancing version of the game if you so choose.

The Lovers brings the magic of love to the game. Adding characters who can make players fall in or out of love and changing their victory conditions accordingly. Maybe, just maybe, the conflict between the Manager and Artiste can be ended.

Lovers 1

By supporting Shenanigans: The Musical you’re also helping out a real life charity orchestra. While they don’t profit from the project directly, being able to print some extra packs of cards gives some extra merchandise to sell alongside their concerts and the project as a whole helps to raise their profile. So if you like the idea of making the orchestra accessible to anyone – regardless of status, colour, creed or whether we already have a million bloody saxophonists – then please help to support this game.

Our campaign launches at 3pm GMT on Monday April 11th. You can find the preview page here (unless the campaign  has already launched in which case that’ll link to the live campaign!). If you can’t pledge, then please share the project.

Thank you.




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