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Kickstarter Page Design

The Shenanigans: The Musical project has reached the point that we’re designing a page to launch it on Kickstater. I’ve spent a few years launching games on Kickstarter now and have raised around £80,000 (I didn’t get to keep any of it). That’s a pretty good record contrasted with the ~70% of UK based games Kickstarter projects which fail to fund, but a pretty poor one contrasted with projects that raise more money in their first day than I have in years. I thought that the wind up to the Shenanigans project might be a good time to talk about how I design the page, both as a means of helping people who’re having less success than me and opening myself up to suggestions from people who’re doing better.


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Shenanigans: Review Process

Shenanigans: The Musical has returned from its dormant state and is once again undergoing active development. The gameplay and art are now complete and we’re increasingly putting development time into the crowdfunding campaign that will breathe life into it. Today’s post is about the process of getting reviews for the game, that’ll help people decide whether it deserves to live!

Cards v2 landscape7

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