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Tinkering with things that work

In last week’s playtesting two things were universally agreed:
(1) The ‘performance’ expansion is the best expansion as things stand.
(2) The ‘performance’ expansion does not live up to its potential and some of its cards do nothing.
This seems like an excellent time to start thinking about the ins and outs of tinkering with things that work, because sometimes if it ain’t broke it can still be made betterer.


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Signalling (art and titles)

Today we had a meeting with an artist and graphic designer who we may hire to work on the Artiste project. I’ve previously advocated placing a great deal of trust in artists – on the basis that there’s no sense in hiring an expert and then having a non-expert (i.e. me) telling them how to do their job. However in this case our prospective artist isn’t a gamer, so while I can trust her on the art, I need to be careful to indicate artistic and graphic elements that have specific meaning in the context of board games.


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Artiste June-July

I’m aware that the information that I’ve put out about the artiste game has been somewhat disjointed, so this week’s people’s project post will bring everything that’s happened over the past month and a half together to give a coherent account of what the game is, where it’s at and where it’s going. If you’ve been following the project closely then skip the second paragraph after theĀ secondĀ image to get into things that are not being discussed for a second time.


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After another couple of playtesting it’s become apparent that the artiste game is the strongest by an order of magnitude. Whether I’m testing with gamers, musicians or just people who want an excuse to do something other than continue with their regular work for twenty minutes it’s consistently come out on top. We’re going to commit to making that game, so now I’m tasked with developing and balancing it as well as looking at ways to expand it, so I’d like to spend this weeks post talking about expansions.


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My parents were both gamers, pretty much as soon as we were able to handle it me and my sister were stripped of our copy of Monopoly (which I guess must still be gathering dust somewhere) and put on to gamers games. I remember getting blacklisted by a childminder’s service because we asked the minder if she wanted to play a game and devastated her with some 80s bookcase game with a million components, a 6 hour playtime and a rulebook sufficient to club a rhinoceros to death with.

Toshiba Digital Camera

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